Dreams are made to be big, so dream on.

Victoria, 22, Canada.
Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
Imagine Dragons and A Day To Remember will always be the greatest bands alive.
I am a dreamer, always.
A dream is a wish your heart makes.
Everything happens for a reason.
Disney movies and Winnie the Pooh are my guilty pleasures.
Look for the beauty in life.
When you're having a bad day, smile. It will help.
I live for me and no one else.
I have a dream catcher tattoo that i absolutely adore

*Things I Love*
My Cat/Dream Catchers/Big Bang Theory/Game of Thrones/How I Met Your Mother/Starbucks/Scratch Cards/Lip Balm/Sunglasses/Tanning/Forever 21/Jeans/Screamo/Photography/Running/Sleep/Nail Polish/Sushi/Beer/Pretty Dresses/Smiling/Studs and Leather/My extremely short hair/Tattoos/ and of course, Dreaming.

My fashion blog : vwaggfashion.tumblr.com • Anything you want to know?
Dreamers Disease.